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Herzlich Willkommen auf meiner Homepage! - Welcome to my homepage! - Hartelijk welkom op mijn homepage!

21.8.06: First report & pictures from trip to Albania online!
10.11.05: 1e Nederlandse versie van de "vis" (logo rechts) nu online
8.10.05: Finally (!) my pictures from China are online
21.08.05: New pictures from Lutherstadt Wittenberg in Germany
14.03.05: I started playing with Digital Panoramas (Photoalbum)
16.01.05: The english version of the fish is ready!
21.12.04: Finally the fish (see logo on the right) is online... :-)

The famous Photoalbum:
Albania (August 2006)
Lutherstadt Wittenberg (July 2005)
China (May 2005)
Gothenburg/Sweden (29.8.2004-7.9.2004)
Delft/Netherlands (14.2.2004 - ?)   last update: 9.10.04
USA (11.7.2001 - 4.1.2004)

My work:
Currently I am working as a PhD-student within the Reactor&Catalysis Engineering Group of the DelftChemTech Department at the Technical University Delft in the Netherlands.  Under the theme "Monitoring and Manipulating Multiphase Reactors" I am doing research on Fluidized Bed Reactors, with the application for energy production from biomass. More information on my project
My previous research project has been in the Chemical Reaction Engineering Group at the Chemical Engineering Department of Cleveland State University . Here my research was in "Modeling and Stabiltiy Analysis of Autothermal Radial Flow Reactors". More information on this project

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